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What do you feel is holding you back?

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About Me

I was born and raised in Idaho by two wonderful parents who are still together and have been amazing role models.  I was a band geek and sang in the choir at Meridian High School, and was planning to be a music major until I allowed limiting beliefs and "reality" move me in another direction.   I received my degree in Accounting from the University of Idaho and spent 25 years in the retirement planning field as an agent for the IRS, a Trust Officer for a bank and a Qualified Pension Administrator for an Actuarial firm.

While in college I met and married my best friend and soul mate, and we created an amazing daughter.

In 2012 I began a spiritual journey which opened me up to whole new way of thinking and a whole new realm of possibilities. In 2013, after witnessing the effects of job burnout and realizing that I was never going to change the world working for someone else, I left the corporate world to pursue my true passion of speaking, training, coaching and empowering greatness. I specialize in positivity, thinking out of the box and learning to love yourself and life. My mission is to help others live their BEST lives, internally, externally and eternally.

I am a natural born leader and healer with a servant’s heart. As a Leader with WE Thrive I get to share my enthusiasm, powerful presence, wisdom, light and love with like minded women each and every week.  As an energy healer, I work intuitively with my angels and guides as a channel or facilitator to help people find the energy and insights that they need.

I am certified in Advanced Clairvoyant development and healing, Access Consciousness, and as a Oneness Deeksha Giver. I have completed Illuminated Mind seminars including Intuitive Mastery, Illumination, and Transformation. I am always learning and growing, and have an amazing team of mentors and coaches.

I've lived a fairy tale life, complete with many dragons, which I continue to slay with gratitude and God by my side.  I'm currently working on my first book... and you can check out the condensed version of my story here http://roniketchum.com/my-story-the-condensed-version/.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you find something here that blesses you.