Why I Write

Everybody has a story. My story is powerful and I tell it because I know that others can learn and heal from it. You may hear things that you think would work for you in your life and be inspired to take action. You may hear things that you recognize in your life, and you may be inspired to take action to expand upon them, or change something so that you don’t go down the path that I did.

My journey has been filled with tremendous peaks and valleys, as I feel every journey is. I tell my story so that others can be uplifted by the peaks, and so that those that are in a valley can see the gift in their valley and recognize that they will again be at a peak. I tell my story to provide perspective. Some of my highest moments might seem like deep valleys to some people, and some of my deepest valleys might seem like a welcome respite to the valley that some people are in at the time. I tell my story to celebrate the roller coaster of life. There have been many times that I have screamed out loud “Let me off this F***ing Roller Coaster!”.

There have been times that I’ve spoken out loud that I was done with this human experience.  But I’m not done.  I’m actually just beginning to really see how amazing this human experience can be.  I want to empower others to see this also.  I’ve learned to love roller coasters again, and that’s a good thing!

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