Being Lonely vs Being Alone

I am so grateful for my daughter and my pets.  They keep me from being lonely.  At this moment my cat is scratching up against the screen of my ipad…. trying to compete with my keyboard.  She would prefer that I scratch her – but I promised myself yesterday that I would blog daily – and it’s 11:30 pm and I don’t type very well with just one hand.  My daughter and the dogs just left the room – after trying unsuccessfully to capture the cat.  Part of me is craving alone time so I can blog without distractions and then fall asleep in a silent house.   But I would much rather forgo that scenario and have those that I love near me.  I can always get away for a silent break – but when you are alone you cannot just summon the comfort of family, pets and friends.

My cat has now jumped off the bed.  My daughter came back into my room trying to capture the cat to apologize to her for trying to capture her before.  The dogs are barking because they want the cat too.  I am tired enough to fall into a grateful slumber in my cozy bed, knowing that I am surrounded by love and companionship.

Tomorrow I think I will blog from the coffee shop!

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