Visualize your future…. Feel it in your soul

I’ve known about the law of attraction for several years now.  I’ve witnessed it in action it many times. Some by intention and purpose, and many more through thoughts and feelings without even realizing what I was creating until after it happened.  I can now look back on almost all of my life experiences and see where my thoughts, fears, feelings, reactions, worries, excitement and dreams created them.

I recently read the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I’m reading it again now and will probably pick it up again after that. It’s a beautiful reminder of what I already know, and what I keep forgetting.  I have had the saying “Ask for it, Believe it, Receive it” on my bedroom wall for over 5 years. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up, and the last thing I see before I go to bed.  Well, except for the nights that I fall asleep on the couch! It has been part of my Affirmations that I say out loud on a daily basis. And still, I forget to ask. Many times I don’t even know what to ask for.  Many times I feel like I don’t deserve to ask for more. I tell all of my friends and my clients how important this is, how worthy they are…. and yet I still struggle with applying it myself.

A few weeks ago I was asked by one of my coaches to describe what I want my life to look like and more importantly feel like.  This was a real struggle for me. I’m still working on it. I get stuck because I have some major patterns that allow me to believe that it is bad to be materialistic.  I have patterns that allow me to believe that people who like really nice things are snobs. I have patterns that allow me to believe that people who spend a lot of money on nice things are greedy and selfish.  (Side note. Writing is such a powerful tool! I have never written or even spoken about these blocks until just now… I’m excited to do some clearing on them now that I am aware of them!)

This morning a friend and mentor posted on Facebook that she was having a spiritual gathering in her house.  She lives 5 hours away from me so it’s not like I can just hop in my car and be there. But when I saw the post I really wanted to be there and my first thought was I wish I lived closer to her.  Then I realized that what I really want is to be able to jump in my car for a last minute trip when situations like this come up. That to me is true freedom and that is what I want my life to FEEL like.  Free. Free to do the things that call to me. Free to live spontaneously. The feeling of this realization is SO POWERFUL right now, because I know how the law of attraction works. This has been a missing piece.  Now that I’ve seen this piece, and felt it deep in my soul, I know that the next piece will be easier to spot. And this will continue until all of the pieces are just falling into my lap and I am manifesting the life I want to live.  The life I was created to live.

Visualize your future.  Feel it in your soul. Ask for it, Believe it, Receive it.  Enjoy!